The Back Catalogue

Posted August 25th, 2009 16:56 by DeathBoy

This is the biggest repository of DeathBoy material anywhere (including our other web presences).

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Trip-Hop / Tek-Punk – 2010-2011
The latest work in progress… a very mixed bag so far of all the DeathBoy styles.


Techno / Electronic – 2008-2011
A side-project of purely electronic tracks, mostly created using novel software/hardware, or under extreme pressures (such as written in 1 hour, written for a competition, etc). A very 90s feel.


Trip-Hop / Tek-Punk – 2008-2010
The track list for this album is complete, but it’s yet to be mastered.

Trip-Hop / Tek-Punk – 2007-2008
A return to more heavily electronic sounds, with more of a dance influence.

Trip-Hop / Tek-Punk – 2006 – 2007
Some of our first moves towards mixing trip-hop and dark industrial. Quite a well formed, grimy beast.

End of an Error (commercial release)
Tek-Punk – 2006
The second commercial album, and pretty universally well-received. This represented a big step forwards in terms of both song writing and production for the band and featured some of the most popular tracks to date. Rico and John Fryer assisted with production and the track Black Morning was featured on Project Gotham Racing III on the X-box 360.

Digital Deviant
Tek-Punk – 2005 – 2006
Continuing from where ifyouunderstoodiwouldnthavetospeak left off, with a drop more nu-rave sound and a couple of interesting cover versions thrown in for variation.

Tek-Punk – 2004 – 2005
Mostly solo-work, and closest in its style to ‘boxesoftricksandtraps’, this is Scott hammering out the breakbeats, basslines and angst to keep himself sane while working on the next commercial album.

Various – 2003
And let’s flip. Various test-jabs in new directions, incorporating the band on a song-writing level and keeping the tongue firmly in the cheek. This double-size album contained a lot of experimentation as the band considered that invariably difficult second commercial album.

Tek-Punk – 2003
After the concerted effort and longer working timescales that went into the first commercial album, this was the first collection of new material. More destructive than Self Hatred, more raw. Less experimenting with sound, more experimenting with pain. At certain points, it was considered that this might be a swansong for the electronic-only sound of DeathBoy, as the band was increasingly gigging material together, with the studio work taking a back seat for a time.

Music To Crash Cars To (commercial release)
Industrial Breakbeat – 2003
This was the band’s first commercial album release, via Wasp Factory Records. It was drawn from material developed in the preceeding albums, plus a number of entirely new tracks.

Self-Hatred for Fun and Profit
Industrial Breakbeat – 2002 – 2003
Violence and vitriol, honing the tek-punk sound. Similarly diverse to Riding the Biorhythms… plenty of dirty experiments into the back of my head.

Riding the Biorhythms
Industrial Breakbeat – 2002
Finished earlier in 2002, with a scratchier, bit-crushed feel

Industrial Breakbeat – 2001
Despite featuring “Lost Again”, one of the more popular tracks to date, this is the one people seem to have forgotten.

Music To Crash Cars To (v1.0)
Industrial Breakbeat – 2000-2001
The first true album of the New DeathBoy Stylee. Beats and breaks and distortion, guitars and yelling and hatred. Most popular and (possibly) well-rounded album to date.
To avoid confusion, this is not the commercial album released by Wasp Factory (although some tracks overlap) – the name expressed what I wanted so well, I ended up using it for the commercial release… you know… just to confuse fuckers.

Industrial Techno – 2000
Crossing over from the old techno ways to the new style. The first tek-step-industrial tracks and a lot of DeathBoy on the mic.

a Very Technical Boy
Dark Techno / Breakbeat / Industrial – 1999
The first experiments into industrial and the first DeathBoy vocals.

Rave / Techno / Breaks – 1996-1998
Written during university time, old-school DeathBoy breaks and bleeps. A few retro numbers that still get the old trousers moving.


DeathBoy – LIVE.
The new face of DeathBoy, live studio versions of the full line-up working out some audio nastiness with real instruments…

A collection of the kind of tracks I used to write more of, from deep techno to cheesy trance. These things don’t really have a place on a DeathBoy album anymore, but some of them still kick some arse.

Of and by DeathBoy, featuring Kat5can and VX music.

Other artists’ songs getting aurally abused.

Highly Derivative
A work in progress Cyber-pants-trance collection. Obviously engineered, but stompy and fun formulaic nonsense.

Unfinished tracks that never made the final mix.

An album that never got finished, co-written by The Phil. This will soon be updated to become an album comprising all of the tracks with lyrics by The Phil.