Posted July 17th, 2009 11:09 by DeathBoy

Our free music is here.

Most of our music is released under CC-license, which means that you’re free to download it and copy it to other people (though not for commercial purposes).

Creative Commons License

This means copying isn’t just legal, we encourage it – we write music so people get to hear it, no other reason. (It’s nearly bankrupted us once or twice.)

If you like what you hear, PLEASE COPY IT TO YOUR FRIENDS.

Labelling stuff (burnt CDs for instance) as “DEATHBOY.CO.UK” also helps, so that people know where to come to find more.

If you want to support us, but haven’t got the cash to pick up a CD, this is the single best way you can help us out – introduce more people to the music.

The only things we ask that you don’t distribute are the commercial albums, which are currently:

End of an Error

Music To Crash Cars To

– in reality, we know that they exist on P2P systems and that if people want an album for free, they know how to get it.

We hope you’ll like them enough to buy the CD (we put a lot of blood, sweat, tears, vodka and cash into them), but if you can’t, then at least send a few friends our way and help to spread the word.

(If you do download the commercial albums from somewhere, at least do us a favour and don’t pass those ones on, point people at the free back catalogue)

We do have a promos list: if you’re a DJ / promoter / etc, get in touch (it doesn’t matter which country you’re in). We may ask you where you spin / what gigs you’ve been involved with, purely to avoid spending time and cash posting free shit to blaggers.