Posted May 26th, 2010 23:41 by DeathBoy

There’s a lot of DeathBoy music out there.

To the point where it’s actually not that ridiculous to collect tracks from the many albums into groups that make a different playlist for a mood that isn’t represented by any of the albums themselves.

If you’ve got a favourite set of tracks or a suggestion for a playlist that could live here, please get in touch – if we like the way you’re thinking, we might make it into a new collection.


A gathering of tracks across the last decade that reflect the band’s trip-hop leanings, collected into a new album with a feel of its own.

Beautiful Skies

Largely vocal-free, electronic tracks, inspired by bands like Orbital and Underworld, to spin on a warm day in the park.

In Spite Of

A collection of remixes by and of DeathBoy, with consensual musical partners. A selective remix anthology of sorts.


This one’s not an album at all, but a jostling crowd of mostly-vocal-free offerings. All of DeathBoy’s (many) instrumental numbers brought together on one page, a good place to start if you’re trying to source some music for a film or project.