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Posted September 10th, 2009 00:33 by DeathBoy

I should point out in advance that it’s me writing these fucking things (at least for now) -Scott

I had been using the name “DeathBoy” as a solo artist since I was about 18. Around that time, I was writing music under the name “Technohead” (as I was very much the techno-enthusiast), but as there’s nothing new under the sun, there suddenly came a European artist called “Technohead”, who wrote a lot of really quite good Gabba, but sadly became known (at least in the UK) for “I Want to be a Hippy” (“I want to be a hippy and I want to get stoned on mara-marijuana!”).

Needless to say, I realised I needed to pick a new name, or wind up sounding like a twat.

At the time, I was a computer-science student at Liverpool University and quite into the telnet-talker scene – the precursor to modern text-based chat-rooms, technically difficult to get into and largely the domain of nerdy comp-sci fuckwits like myself.

I frequented a talker called “Underworld” and after meeting numerous (non-)hilariously-named fuckwits with pseudo-superhero nicknames (“LoverBoy3000″, “Supercock”, “theSperminator”, etc ad infinitum), and being as I was (at the time) suicidally depressed, I dreamt up the name “DeathBoy”, which I thought sounded like the shit buddy of some superhero like WonderFuck, the Penile Avenger (and DeathBoy, his manic-depressive side-kick!)

Later in life, I became aware of Clive Barker’s “Death Boy” (nothing much like I characterised myself) and characters like Scud: The Disposable Assassin, Spider Jerusalem and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac (more the level of bitterness, hilarity and irony I was aiming for).

It was a shit name, but it was (and still is) MY name. I used it on numerous online sites and eventually began writing under that name (instead of “Technohead”, and when I didn’t really have an audience to speak of).

When Wasp Factory Records wang-slapped me into forming a band (with two week’s notice – “Oy, Scott, want a gig? You said you were going to try to play live, we’ve booked you in upstairs at the Garage after Tarantella Serpentine pulled out!”), I pulled together my mates that had been grumbling about doing just that for some time and we made a BAND.

Initially, we discussed various names, as “DeathBoy” for a whole band seemed quite wrong and pretty much minimised the presence of the rest of the group, entertaining ideas like “DeathBoy and the Bomb Puppets”, or just “the Bomb Puppets” for the whole band.

When my big brother pointed out that a spoonerism of the Bomb Puppets was the Bum Poppets, we pretty much threw the towel in and decided that as I already had a body of work attached to the name “DeathBoy” and it was headed up by me, for better or worse, we’d stick with that.

As for back-history, I’m a working-class lad from the Midlands of England. I grew up in Staffordshire, which, while I have now mellowed on, I largely hated at the time, went to university at Liverpool, studying Computer Science and struggled against utter, raging bipolar disorder for most of the time from 16 and up.

I’m generally a quite naive and utopian bloke who has realised that the universe is unremittingly fucking vile. This has made me a bit prone to rage, alcoholism, violence and music that vents the stuff I have to get out of my head to avoid topping myself or euthenising someone.

The stuff that comes out in the music is born of a young, naive fuckwit growing a thick-as-lead skin to stop the world from staving his head in. Depending on my state of mind at the time (and my level of inebriation), I either wholly believe the shit I spout in my lyrics, or consider them the output of some xenomorph demon-creatures that live behind my eyes.

Either way, writing music is, and has always been, the only way I can make the chattering in the back of my skull stop. Sometimes, people say they like what I’ve made, or that I’ve managed to articulate something that they’ve wanted to get out of their heads, too. When that happens, I’m fucking ecstatic, but primarily, I make the music because I literally can’t NOT do it.

These days, I’m a reclusive, increasingly aged cunt, living in north London, trying to bring up a kid without infecting him too badly, while making computer games for the continually disaffected populace to waste their lives on.

Contra to the established image of the band and my own history, life is finally approaching something that works for me. Having found someone to share it with, and getting my head together, I still drink, smoke and hate too much, but am working against all of the above on a daily basis, with varying results.

I’m not a particularly pleasant human being, but I’m increasingly OK with that.

Message ends.