Long Time No See

Posted October 10th, 2011 17:03 by DeathBoy

Hey, peoples.

A big update, as I’ve been remiss and haven’t posted here in a while. It’s been a busy bunch of months, so please forgive the absence.

Here’s the first bundle of tracks I’ve been working on since the last update. Hold tight, there’s quite a few.

Starting off with the relatively DubStep-style ‘New Morning’. Big basslines and comedy vocal samples ;)

New Morning by deathboy


Next up, Isolation Room A – written while I was laid up in hospital for a week (named after my room :P)

I hammered this out on my iPad while I had a couple of canulas in my arms and was having a hilarious time in and out of consciousness until the antibiotics sorted me out. Uploaded it from my hospital bed. Yaknow. Because I could.

It’s very much an oldschool raver track, ‘hands in the air’ style, complete with airhorns and crowd cheers :)

This track features on the forthcoming ‘Bitscapes’ release – more on that soon.

Isolation Room A by deathboy


The next one is called ‘Consequence’. ┬áDarker stuff with a generous helping of misanthropy.

Consequence by deathboy

The original vocal sketch for this song (quite different from the finished industrial piece) can be found [here]

… aaaand that’s enough newness for one day. I’ll be back very soon with the rest. Stay tuned.

2 Responses to “Long Time No See”

  • Coby says:

    Awesomeness umm is the black catalogue down because nothing is loading…

  • Aniquiel says:

    Love the new tracks, as I love the old ones. Please, never stop, you make my daily drive bearable! Thanks especially for sharing these with a free download option, it is very much appreciated <3

    Someday, could you offer your wares (including that great t-shirt) in US Dollars? This country needs to take it's goths with a better sense of humor, but after 5 failed attempts to order the shirt & some CDs, I've given up. It keeps getting stolen in the mail (which is a compliment to you, but no fun for me!)

    One more thing…. Where did the personality test go? The one you make to advertise Decimate… I had that bookmarked for over a decade, and now it is gone… I've missed it these last few years.

    Anyway, Much punk luv to you,

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